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Lars Knudsen


What I do

Hi. I’m Lars.

I am a Sound Designer, Sound Editor and Mixer based just outside Copenhagen, Denmark, having spent the past +20 years working with sound.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Sound Design, and along with an extensive background in broadcast media, music production and mixing, I bring creativity and technical expertise together to support motion designers, animators, directors, filmmakers and broadcast professionals with every aspect of sound for their projects.


My work

About me

My journey into sound

In 2019, my harmonious journey into the world of sound design took root in formal education.
Opting for a Bachelor of Sound Design at Sonic College, I embarked on a transformative expedition.

This educational venture became a crucible where theoretical and technical intricacies merged seamlessly with the artistic nuances of audio engineering and sound design.

Courses spanning audio post-production, dialogue editing, Pro Tools mastery, and the crafting of immersive soundscapes became the cornerstones of my educational tapestry.

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