Landbrugets Natur

(The Nature of Farming)


Directed by:

Isabelle Denaro
[Make Impact Films 2024]


Feature, Documentary

Sound Work:

Additional sound design (ambience, foley and fx) for tonmeister Matias La Cour.

About Landbrugets Natur:

In the film, we meet a number of Danish farmers and their ideas for regenerative agriculture that restores biodiversity, removes CO2 from the atmosphere, builds soil fertility, and balances our water and carbon cycles.
Selected researchers and experts supplement with relevant information and reflections.
The film is thus filled with visions and useful scientific information, but it is also beautiful and healing in its own way and can be watched by everyone. It makes us feel how life-affirming agriculture can be.

Awards & Media:

Featured in Sjællandske Nyheder, September 2023.
Featured in Dagbladet Information, March 2024.


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