Directed by:

Ida Høeberg, Sofie Melin
[Tambo Film 2023]


Feature, Documentary

Sound Work:

Additional sound design, dialog editing, extensive noise reduction and mix in 5.1 surround.

About Udebane (Away):

Julianna Okosun is one of Denmark’s best basketball players. She is full of confidence and has already made her debut for the national team, even though she is still a teenager. So when she finishes high school, she travels to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to play on one of the best college teams in the US. The talent must be tested, the dream must be pursued. But it turns out that traveling alone to a foreign country, playing for the team and succeeding is not quite so adventurous. Especially not when the whole world suddenly shuts down due to the covid pandemic, and you’re left alone with your doubts and loneliness in empty hotel rooms. A coming-of-age sports story about being on the outside and the cost and toil it takes to pursue and achieve your dreams. Told as a diary with poems, drawings and recordings by the protagonist herself.

Awards & Media:

Official selection for CPH:DOX 2023.
Featured in Soundvenue, March 2023.


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